Turn Your Mirror Brighter, Glossier, and Fancier In An Instant.

Getting a mirror with beautiful lights shouldn't break the bank. With quick & easy DIY, SmartBulbs™ Mirror Lighting gets you feeling like a Hollywood star every day.
"I am in love with how it turned out. They are very bright & no shadow when applying makeup. Literally the perfect alternative."

- Ruby, UK

SmartBulbs™ Mirror Lighting Set-Up

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Beautiful + Adjustable LED Lighting

Adjustable To Fit Any Mirror Shape

Memory Function For Consistent Brightness

Enhance Your Everyday Experience.

Set up easily and create a beautiful vanity lighting around your mirror. SmartBulbs™ provides a professional lighting for make-up and dressing up so you can look your best for any occasion.

"Totally brought life to my room. Love how I can stick to both mirror AND wall. Got the mirror from a store for cheap, sooo glad I got Smartbulbs, saved me HUNDREDS."

- Claire, US
Our customers love our SmartBulbs™, and for good reasons: It's easy to set up, a cost-efficient alternative to vanity lights, and enhances the make-up experience!

Try it out risk-free today.
Frequently Asked Questions
What's the maximum length of the wires? How do I adjust it?
The maximum wire length between two bulbs is around 33cm/13in while the minimum is 1.7cm/0.7in. To increase the length, simple pull the two bulbs apart; to shorten the length, simply rotate the lower part of the bulb(s).
How do I adjust the brightness?
The brightness can be adjusted by long-pressing the power button for 2-3 seconds. It has memory function so the lights can stay the same brightness for the following uses.

How do I stick on the mirror?

SmartBulbs™ hold on to the surface through two methods: Adhesive tape or Suction cup, which are both provided.

How is it powered? Does it need batteries?

The bulbs are powered through USB plug, so no batteries are required.

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