• Most customers get two SolarFountain!


Power Type: Solar-Powered

Spray Nozzle Type: 3

Diameter: 0.4in / 16cm

Max Spray Height: 18in / 46cm


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Upgrade Your Home Space

SolarFountain™ turns your backyard into a relaxing garden with minimum maintenance and effort, providing cooling sprinkling action under hot weathers!

Truly Solar

The SolarFountain™ is completely solar-powered, which means that it can be used anywhere as long as there's water and decent sunlight!

No Mess. No Stress.

Being completely solar-powered, no additional batteries or electricity is required. No messy and ugly wires, or time-consuming set ups.

Frequently Asked Questions
What are the three spray styles?

Easily switch between different spray styles by changing the nozzle provided along with the product!

Will SolarFountain™ work on cloudy days?

SolarFountain™ will not be able to perform at its best on cloudy days. The intensity of the sunlight directly affects the power output of SolarFountain™, but depending on the cloudiness, sometimes it can still work as usual with a smaller output.

SolarFountain™ should be put under direct sunlight as it won't work as well indoors or under shades.

How do I install the SolarFountain™?

Simply attach the parts accordingly and it'll be good to go. It's really that simple!

Can I use it as a bubbler if I don't want the spray function?

Yes! Just don't attach any spray nozzle and it should perform like a bubbler/drinking fountain. Some customers find it helpful as the spray functions may drain their bird baths due to strong winds.

What's the size of SolarFountain™?

The diameter of SolarFountain™ is 16cm/0.4in.

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