Build Your Personal Sound Absorbing Space.

Create a quiet environment where you can peacefully focus on your work or entertainment, while minimizing the noise spreading from targeted zones.

"LOVE how they look & perform in my battle station. They're oddly satisfying to look at whenever I'm at my desk."

- Sophia, US

What makes these soundproof panels the perfect choice for normal rooms?

Achieve efficient sound and echo absorption with 2-inch thickness and consistent density.

Pyramid-shaped structures provide great visuals under uneven or different lighting!

#1 alternative to expensive studio soundproof-paneling that costs thousands of dollars.

Pyramid Acoustic Sound Dampening Foams

Pyramid Acoustic Sound Dampening Foams


On Sale Today

  • 2 x 10 x 10 inches per panel
  • Premium polyurethane foam
  • 12 panels per bundle

  • Most customers get 2 bundles!

Why Choose CoziCave Acoustic Foam?

Acoustic Foam by CoziCave

  • 2-inch thickness providing better results

  • Fire-retardant for a peace of mind

  • Premium quality foams for better durability

  • Consistent firmness for consistent performance

Beware of These Foams...

  • 1-inch thickness, limited performance

  • No fire-retardant, extremely flammable

  • Cheap foams that deteriorate and deform

  • Inconsistent quality, weak performance

Seamless Sound Absorption + Refinement

Our easy-to-install pyramid foam panel provides the perfect texture for effective sound absorptions, while allowing sounds to hit the foam from various angles at the same time.

By minimizing sounds from bouncing back or traveling through the wall, it also enhances quality and clearness of sound and speech in room.

"Wanted to do something nice for my music room to lower disturbance caused to others. Got these pyramid ones and it definitely made a difference."

Jason, UK

Our customers love our acoustic foams, and for good reasons. It looks great, made of quality foam, and the most important thing: It provides good sound absorption.

Try it out risk-free today.

Have questions? We have answers.

How do soundproof foams work?

Soundproof foams (also known as acoustic foam/panel) work by dampening and deadening soundwaves, thanks to the sound absorption materials that these foams are constructed from. These foams will help to minimize both background noises and echoes by controlling ‘reverberation’, which is what happens when sound bounces off of walls.

How many should I get?

This greatly depends on your requirements. Extremely busy environments may require a complete acoustic panelling system, while smaller, calmer offices or spaces may only require a few installations. The general rule of thumb that we recommend is a 15% – 20% wall coverage.

How do I install these?

Like most other soundproof panels, you simply stick them to the wall using any of these methods: glue, adhesive double-tape, or nail/screws.

Can these be applied on doors?

Yes, they can! You can also use staples other than the methods mentioned above.

Why do these arrive flat?

Our acoustic foams are vacuum-sealed to minimize the impacts during shipping, as well as optimizing costly shipping costs. Simply soak them in water and let them dry to return to their original shapes! Don't worry, being vacuum-sealed won't negatively affect these adaptable foams at all.

What if I received the wrong variation?

Just contact us and we'll send you a replacement at no extra charge!

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