Hikari Bonsai™

Hikari Bonsai™

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Our Hikari Bonsai is guaranteed to be:

👉 Beautifully crafted

👉 Quality-checked

👉 Soft and cozy glow

Height: Around 18 Inches / 46 Centimeters

Base Diameter: 4.7 Inches / 12 Centimeters

Power Supply: USB 5V or Battery 3xAA 1.5V

Material: ABS + Reflective Wrapping + Copper Wire

Luminous Pearls - Gold branch finish

Celestial Sparkles - Silver branch finish

Package Includes:

1x Hikari Bonsai Tree Light

1x USB Cable Power Supply

1x Power On/Off Base

For safety reasons, Hikari Bonsai arrives folded. This is to ensure the branches are not damaged during delivery. The branches are flexible so you can DIY adjust the branches and shape/design them the way you desire.


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Meet Hikari Bonsai --- The Fairy Light Spirit Tree

Come home to comfort, peace, and immense relaxation every day. Hikari Bonsai is designed to make homes a comfortable, soothing environment with its uniquely delicate design and cozy warm light.

Enhance Your Space

The magical ambiance of Hikari Bonsai improves home aesthetic and makes your room feels like a beautiful wonderland every day, lights on and lights off.

Discover Inner Peace

It's been a long day. You'll love the serenity and comfort quietly radiating from Hikari Bonsai in the corner. Enjoy the ambiance of the glow --- turn off the world, tune into yourself, and restore inner calm in stressful times.

Soothing Warm Light

Hikari Bonsai emits a glow that are described to be magical, beautiful, cozy, warm, spiritual, and more. It has a perfect brightness to be a practical lighting and delicate decoration that brings you a peace of mind.

A Heart-Warming Gift

Whether it's for a holiday, birthday, anniversary or just because, Hikari Bonsai will always makes an amazing gift they'll always remember.

Frequently Asked Questions
What are the difference between the two designs?

Here's the difference:
Celestial Sparkles - 108 bulbs - Tiny lights, Silver Metallic Bark Finish

Luminous Pearls - 36 bulbs - Round-shaped lights, Gold Metallic Bark Finish

What's the size for the trees?

Height: 19 Inches / 50 cm
Base Diameter: 4.7 Inches / 12 cm

The height can be dependent on how you structure your Hikari Bonsai.

How do I power the trees?

For the newest edition, Hikari Bonsai can be powered with two options: Universal USB Charger or 3x AAA Batteries.

 Please remove the USB cable when using batteries.

Are the bulbs replaceable?

The bulbs are very tiny and can't be removed so they can't be replaced, but they're made of high quality incandescent bulbs and are made to last a long time if handled properly. 

We also have a 30-day guarantee, so if you received a faulty item from us, let us know and we'll replace it at no cost.

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