The desk mat built for today's home and spaces

"I love to make my workspace comfortable, and this piece truly makes the difference. Absolutely love how it turned out."

- Heather, US

What makes these amazing desk mats?

Premium PU Leather Texture: The secret to improve the look and feel of your work or gaming desk in an instant!

Low Friction Surface + High Friction Base: Enjoy smooth mouse movements without the mat moving at all.

Easily Cleaned & Not Easily Stained: You don't have to worry about spilling on top of the your mat!

CoziCaveā„¢ Premium Desk Mat

CoziCaveā„¢ Premium Desk Mat


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  • Most customers get large size.

Why Choose CoziCave Desk Mats?

Desk Mats by CoziCave

  • Water-resistant and easily wiped

  • Not easily scratched or leave marks

  • High quality PU leather that lasts

  • Non-slip design and smooth surface

Beware of These Desk Mats

  • Non-waterproof

  • Easily scratched or leave marks

  • PU degrade easily and quickly

  • Slippery base or rough surface

Nothing adds class to your workspace like a fine leather desk mat like these. Guaranteed to made of excellent PU leathers, these seemingly simple desk mats are designed with thoughtful features:

āœ” Water-resistant surface

āœ” Non-slip base

āœ” Perfect thickness

āœ” Easy to clean

āœ” Great for writing and mouse movements

"I have only had my desk pad for 2 days, but it doesn't take long to realize that this is one of the best investments I have made for my home office. I have a wood colored desk, and decided to get this in order to protect the desk while also giving it some character."

Ben, UK

Our customers love our desk mats, and for good reasons. They look great on any desks, made of quality material, and the most important thing: They're designed to be the most convenient desk mats!

Try it out risk-free today.
Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do to flatten out the mat if it came in the mail rolled up?

The desk mats are rolled up and shipped in a tube to protect the mats. You can either place heavy flat objects such as books on it or iron it out with an old cloth in between!

What I received the wrong variation?

Just contact us and we'll send you a replacement at no extra charge!

Is this material safe for laminate surfaces? Some materials can discolor laminate so wondering if it's safe.

Yes it is! The material is safe to use on almost all surfaces like glass or laminate.

Is it too squishy to write on? I hate to write on soft surfaces because it's hard.

You can write on a paper on the desk mat perfectly fine! The mat is sturdy enough to write smoothly on with just two or three layers of papers.

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